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Me and Doug

Hi! My name is Tess a.k.a. Teresa as you might have already guessed!
I am the {Young} mother of 3 beautiful children. Two boys; Dougy is 9 and Joey is 7, and a girl,Alicia she's 15 months.
I have been married to my husband {Robert} for 10 years.
I am a homemaker, housewife, stay-at-home-mom, you choose the phrase! And I wouldn't have it any other way.
Children are my passion. They are our future and we need to take care of them. :)
I guess I'm just a big kid myself so, I like to do many different things. Mainly I like to just have fun and not take life too seriously.
I don't go into the chat rooms too often. I try but, I always just end up sitting there reading.... Kinda boring huh?!?
The town I live in has only 400 people or so, so wouldn't plan on seeing anything about it in my pages any time soon. LOL I wouldn't even know where to start.
Thank you for taking the time to know me ;)


Joey Alicia & Doug

Tessy & Robert

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